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Privacy Policy

Appendix to the Terms of Use of the www.cfxnutrition.com Website

Privacy Policy

The CFX The Pro Gamer Website, hereinafter the “Website”, is an Internet portal located at www.cfxnutrition.com. This document, together with the Terms of Use, form the framework principles of the Website use. The implementation of this privacy policy is the responsibility of CFX Sp. z o.o, a limited liability company with its registered office in Warsaw at Al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A apt. 24, entered into the register of entrepreneurs by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, the 13th Commercial Department, under number: KRS 0000623563, Tax Identification Number: NIP 5272771613, Business Statistical Number: REGON 364534188. Contact details: office@cfxnutrition.com.

CFX Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (01-242) at Al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A apt. 24, contact details: office@cfxnutrition.com is the personal data administrator for data processed in relation to the service.

§ 1.

All personal data processed on the Website are being processed with the consent of the individuals concerned.

§ 2.

By completing the form with the data required to effect the order being placed and to place the order, the Clients consent to having their personal data processed.

§ 3.

Private individuals who have full capacity to take legal acts, legal entities and organisational units without legal personality have the right to purchase the products.

§ 4.

The personal data administrator processes the personal data in order to:

a) send the products purchased via the Website.

b) improve the quality of services offered on the Website.

§ 5.

The individual whose personal data are processed has the right to demand that his/ her details should no longer be processed. To that effect, the individual should e-mail the personal data administrator at: office@cfxnutrition.com.

§ 6.

The personal data administration who wishes to contact the individual whose personal data are being processed will use the e-mail address given while making the purchase.

§ 7.

The processing of personal data by the personal data administrator and by the entities to which the personal data processing was entrusted under an agreement meets the security requirements as set forth in Polish law.

§ 8.

The personal data administrator will implement technical and organisational measures to ensure adequate protection of the personal data being processed, and in particular to protect data against their unauthorised disclosure, interception by an unauthorised person, processing with the violation of the Act, any change, loss, damage or destruction. The IT system in which the personal data of the Website users are being processed is compliant with the high level of personal data protection security as referred to in the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation and technical and organisational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and computer systems used for personal data processing (Journal of Laws [Dz.U.] of 2004, No. 100, item 1024).

§ 9.

The personal data administrator who wishes to dispose of the personal data set under his/ her administration must meet related requirements under Polish law.

§ 10.

A person who makes a purchase on the Website agrees to make his/ her data, including personal data, available to third parties involved in the payment- or delivery process insofar as required to effect the purchase process properly.

§ 11.

The Company CFX Sp. z o.o. in organisation reserves the right to amend this privacy policy. The effective privacy policy is always available on the Internet website at: www.cfxnutrition.com/privacypolicy, where it may be downloaded to a drive and printed out. This privacy policy may be amended according to the procedure for amending the Terms of Use, i.e. subject to keeping the relevant deadlines and upon giving prior notice to the parties concerned.

§ 12.

The use of the Website involves the use of the cookies files.

§ 13.

The cookie files (the “cookies”) are IT data, including in particular text files which are stored in the service user’s terminal equipment and which are meant for the use of the Website’s pages. The cookies usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie, their duration on the terminal equipment and a unique number.

§ 14.

The cookie files are used in particular for:

a) creating statistics that help understand the way visitors use the website,

b) additional purposes to improve the quality of services provided on the Website.

§ 15.

There are two basic types of cookie files used on the Website – the session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are created temporarily and are stored in the user’s terminal equipment until the user leaves the site or turns off the software (the Internet browser). Persistent cookie files remain in the user’s terminal equipment for the duration period set within the cookie’s file parameters or until they are deleted by the user.

§ 16.

By default, the software used for browsing internet websites (the Internet browser) usually allows for storing cookie files in the user’s terminal equipment. Users may change their settings in that regard. The Internet browser allows for deleting the cookie files. Cookie files may also be blocked automatically. For detailed information see help or the documentation of the Internet browser.

§ 17.

Limiting the use of the cookie files may have an impact on certain functionalities available on the Website’s pages.

Cookie files placed on the terminal equipment may also be used by the advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website.

§ 18.

Cookie files may be used by advertising networks, including in particular the Google network, to display advertisements customised to the user’s preferences regarding the use of websites. To that effect, they can keep the information on the user’s navigation path or the duration of user’s visit on the given website.

§ 19.

Users may view and edit the information derived from cookie files and relating to the user’s preferences as gathered by the Google advertising network, using the tool at: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

§ 20.

The Website has the right to track users’ behaviour by means of the related software with the caveat that such behaviour be tracked only to optimise the service and upon ensuring the users’ anonymity.